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Air-Pot ,The Expert's Choice For Superior Air-Pruning and Root Balls
Air-Pot ,The Expert's Choice For Superior Air-Pruning and Root Balls
Air-Pot Bonsai Training Containers For Amazing Root Development
Pre-Order Bare-Rooted Jujube Trees For Delivery Aug/Sep 2023
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Air-Pot® containers are the original and the best air-pruning containers ar..
Six-Pack of 500 mm Window Boxes With Saucers - Terracotta and/or Heritage Green
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This is a six-pack you can customise with the numbers and colours you would like. A four-pack option is also available. A 10% discount has already b..
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Propagation Pots Pack 2
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A great number and variety of pots for people who love propagating their own plants but can’t find the types of pots they want retail. These are as ma..
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Twenty 50 mm Square Squat Propagation Tubes
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Twenty are as many as will fit in a small box for flat-rate postage anywhere in Australia. Pot dimensions are 50 mm square by 75 mm deep. ..
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Ten High Quality Rigid, Long-lasting, Reusable Plant Tags, 95 mm x 22 mm
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Sold in lots of ten. The tag is 95 mm long and the rectangular writing area is 60 mm × 22 mm. Top-notch horticultural quali..
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Air-Pot Bonsai Training Pot (4.1 L) - from 1 Unit
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Dimensions: Inside diameter: 233 mm Outside diameter: 269 mm Height: 115 mm The Air-Pot 4.1 L bonsai container is essentially ..
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Society Garlic (Tulbaghia violacea) in 90 mm Bottomless Pot
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Family: Amaryllidaceae (includes Amaryllis, Agapanthus, Clivia and Scadoxus) Genus: Tulbaghia (includes several wild garlic species of southern Afric..
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