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Arabica coffee seedling (Coffea arabica) in 50 mm Tube

Arabica coffee seedling (Coffea arabica) in 50 mm Tube
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Arabica coffee seedling (Coffea arabica) in 50 mm Tube
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Family: Rubiaceae (includes Cinchona (source of quinine), and Gardenia)
Genus: Coffea (includes Coffea canephora, the ‘Robusta’ coffee)

Botanical/Binomial Name: Coffea arabica
Common Names: Arabica Coffee

Botanical Characteristics: Woody | Perennial | Evergreen | Self-Pollinating | Frost tender
Propagation: Cuttings | Seed

Item Description:
Dimensions of the tube are 50 mm square × 120 mm deep. The square tube shape produces beautifully straight and deep roots, which gives these young plants every advantage once planted out.

The seedling in the picture is about 150 mm tall.

Plant Description:
This is the Arabica type, the most popular in coffee production and which accounts for about 60% of the global commercial crop. (‘Robusta’ makes up the remainder.)

These seedlings will grow into stunning bushy ornamental plants about 2–3 m high, or can be pruned to 2 m or less. They make fantastic houseplants, and if outside, do best in shadier spots.

They will fruit in 2–3 years for you to experiment making your own coffee!

Growing Information:
Coffee is an understorey tree and likes shade or dappled light and cool temperatures. Morning sun is better than afternoon sun if they must be in a sunny spot. The leaves will scorch and the whole plant will show signs of wilting in full summer sun. They also make great houseplants near a window that doesn’t get direct sunlight, but avoid drafts.

Coffee likes a rich, fertile, slightly acidic soil with plenty of water but good drainage. They can be kept in pots, in which case a high quality regular potting mix will cover all bases. The ones with Osmocote® will feed the plants for about 6 months.

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