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Shipping and Pick-Up Info

Shipping Information

Local pickup is welcome (we’re in Gwynneville, near Wollongong University) — but please let us know ahead of time as we don’t have a shopfront.

Otherwise please be assured that we take especial care packing your plants.

All plant orders are sent every Monday (or if a public holiday, the following Tuesday) to minimise the risk of them languishing somewhere over a weekend.
Plant orders received on a Monday are sent that same day if at all possible, otherwise Tuesday.

Any seeds and cuttings ordered with plants are sent as one package, i.e. the following Monday or Tuesday.
Orders of seeds only are sent by the next business day.
Orders of cuttings only may be sent within 48 hours or the following Monday or Tuesday, depending on the species — some cuttings strike better when dry, and the item’s description will provide more detail on this.

Pots are recycled as much as possible, but used ones may have marks or be faded, and won’t always look shiny and new. The condition of pot will be noted in the item’s description.

Should a plant arrive damaged, dying or dead, and we cannot replace that exact type, you are entitled to either a full refund or a replacement in kind to equal/fair value of any available alternative of your choice. There is no need to return that plant but we do ask you send photos that show the problem.

On Plants Marked ‘Pick-Up or Get Delivery Quote’

Plants marked ‘Pick-Up or Get Delivery Quote’ are the larger and/or heavier one-offs that are not cost-effective to post. Having said that, if you really, really would like any of those, and can’t collect, please feel free to ask for a postage/freight quote. I can courier a quite large box to Sydney from $25, and for a bit more again to ACT, for example.

Alternatively I may be able to propagate a new plant for you, depending on the season and if you don’t mind waiting — I have and do do this already!

Please note I do not send plants to Norfolk Island, the Northern Territory, Tasmania or Western Australia, and there may be quarantine restrictions on some species to other States.

Shipping Costs

Not applicable for local pick-up, of course!

For all other purchases, shipping is calculated by weight and postcode, and sometimes by size if cubic weight is greater than actual weight (as per Australia Post’s criteria).

This means that shipping won’t calculate until items are added to a shopping cart.

This does not mean you need to go through checkout to know the cost however! Once you’ve added an item(s), click the basket icon at top of page to ‘view cart’. On this new page there is an option to estimate shipping by entering a postcode.

Owing to the range of items available, different groups of items may be sent separately. For example, an Air-Pot® order would definitely go in a separate box to say, a Decorative Pots, as to combine them into one large box would be exhorbitant to post. But if you were to also order any of the smaller accessories that could be slipped in with something else, then absolutely we will do this to save you postage.

Postage is itemised through check-out so you know exactly what you are paying for. Very occasionally we may receive an atypical order which could be packed more efficiently than check-out has calculated, in which case we will refund any excess postage you paid.

Shipping of Plants

Simply because of the box sizes we use, and that weight vs cubic weight thing Australia Post and couriers use, you will typically get best value for money postage-wise if ordering same-sized plants in lots of three. We always have your interests in mind however, and if we can package better than check-out has calculated then absolutely we will do so and refund the difference.

Transport Companies We Use

We only use transport companies we can rely on. These are: