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Get a Postage/Freight Quote

Some plants are too big and/or heavy to post cost-effectively, and are listed with local pick-up in mind. Having said that, if your heart is really set on something and pick-up isn’t an option for you, please feel free to ask for a postage/freight quote. You may be surprised! Or I might be able to propagate a post-friendly size for you, depending on the season and if you don’t mind waiting.

I am already doing this actually — which prompted this page! It’s a lovely feeling to be contacted by people interested enough to ask at all and I’ll do my best to return the favour.

Please note I do not send plants to Norfolk Island, the Northern Territory, Tasmania or Western Australia, and there may be quarantine restrictions on some species to other States.

If a total order is within a certain size and 5 kg or less I can send it anywhere for the one price. Alternatively I can courier a quite large box to Sydney from $25, and for a bit more again to ACT, for example.

– Kristi

Transport Companies We Use

We only use transport companies we can rely on. These are: